So I'm deeply blessed that these three little ones call me mama, and that I'm wife to that kind handyman husband. 

When we married, we bought this sweet white siding home with black shutters and a wooden door. We loved that home and fixed it up gradually. And it's there, in 2012, that we felt the strong pull on our hearts to reach out to vulnerable children in our city. God connected our story to the story of this beautiful sibling pair, whom we adopted in 2014. 

A few years later, on a crisp fall day we packed our things and tearfully left that first home to a home we could really grow into, because under that coat was a five month baby bump. 

We moved here, and it's where we welcomed our third, a beautiful baby boy. 

Our home is our hub. Our place to rest between school, work, music lessons, sports, church activities, and family outings. And as I did with our former white-siding black-shutter home, I look forward to inviting you in for a close up of the mess of home and life, and how we're working this all out.

"So, are we crazy? Absolutely.

We're out of our minds, wildly willing, completely silly and awkward, and stumbling. Imperfect, and spent, and tired, and messy. But the glorious thing is -- God's plan, His story is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. We could never have written such a thing as this."