Four Ways to Take this Blog a Little Further...

Note: This kind handyman and I attended our second of four Adoption classes this weekend (we are thrilled to be 50% done). Our hearts grew more for the children, as we learned what fostering/adoption is like from their perspective... and the amount of loss they endure. The trainer reminded us how we are their "loss managers/helpers"... which makes us nervous inside, but we're trusting and believing that He will give us all the wisdom and strength we will require for this task. Thank you for checking in with us.

Little did I know that when I began to write over the last few weeks, for the sake of writing, that I would love it.

I couldn't have anticipated that I would be so blessed by those who take a moment to read these words strung together at midnight.

And perhaps this small post comes from the urging of a caring family... who by my first published post earlier this month looked to press subscribe (which doesn't exist just yet!).

So, with just a few posts in, and with a little uncertainty, I hope to improve this little space with four ideas that have been simmering on the stove since last week :

#1. New Blog Options

Perhaps it's a little dramatic of this girl to show you her handyman's small work space... in order to illustrate that this blog's template may change this week undergo a little construction.

While I so want to keep the neutral, easy-going look of this space... perhaps a bit more function would help.

Like the option to subscribe.

So this is a : just so you know... as we unpack, we're going to rearrange a little here.

And since this girl plans to process thoughts and plans here about 2 or 3 times each week, I know a prompt to your email would be so helpful.

(I think this photo, that illustrates my plan to reno this space, has prompted us to re-vist the handyman's work space with a little love, like yesterday.)

#2. Take a Photography Class

My Dutch handyman was too kind to stroll into Henry's with his lady, and make her year by getting this (my first DSLR) :

(A Nikon 3200)

I love using photos to tell a story... and I so want to improve these skills, and learn about every button/setting/option.

I hope this class through the web will take my partnership with my digital friend to the next level. At $69, I'm certain I can sway my kind man... again.

So, my hope is that all these photos will slowly improve over time.

#3. Learn the Basics of Photoshop

This goes hand-in-hand with #2.

Firstly, we need to purchase Photoshop for our PC... and then I hope to tweak my way to better photos for this space.

Depending how I like the Photography 101 class, perhaps I'll stick around for this lesson on Photoshop.

#4. Keep On Writing

Since taking our work space from this (before / previous owners) :

To this (progress) :

I have a wonderful work space to dream and create.

But the results are far from immediate perfection.

I'm shaking out cobwebs... and working out those creative muscles that I neglected for so long.

This girl's plan is to just keep on writing, and publish words with all their imperfections... for at least 1 year.

And keep on writing whatever inspires me... whether I'm learning about home decor, adoption, faith, the past, family, or friends.

I so appreciate the company. 

Are you a blogger/writer with who wants to improve their space? Would you share here with us, so we can learn too?