How a Space Becomes like this Old T-Shirt... in a Good Way {Living Room}

In our home this living space may be the most worn... like an old t-shirt, stretched and frayed. It's always our go-to.

We so look forward to slipping on this space after a long day... kick up our feet, debrief the day.

It was among the first space that we painted... just one coat made this peachy space a bit more sandy, more us.

Naturally this space filled with things we love... and what feels like us.

A bit of a far cry from when we first fell in love with this space.

I recall family trying to sway us... why don't you buy a newly built townhouse?

But we loved this small home with all it's flaws.

And we filled it with our things, and bought a few new... like this apple green lamps, with clean white shades... and we had no decorating concept in mind

We still don't really.

Because this young couple had to work with what they had. And thankfully, this bride had this three piece set to place our things... from when she first moved out and her dad waved his hand at an auction, and they were hers.

With all their distress and charm... we love them in our new home (and they hold all these special things):

The handyman took a hammer to the wall, and broke the drywall, and installed these shelves on a whim. We plan to improve this little corner... but for now it holds books, and a special heirloom from this handyman's Grandfather... whom we miss.

This bride supplied these brown seats, where her kind man loves to recline with stained hands, and dirty fingernails.

Thank goodness for brown.

Our space wouldn't feel like this worn t-shirt without all these photographs of family... a small time capsule on this wall.

I look at it everyday.

We put together this picture wall with such care... I remember it took this handyman hours to make his newlywed smile at the result.

We are so in love with family.

It's all in the details, isn't it? That make you love your home.

Like when the handyman first drove the nail into this wall, and hung our first item that claimed this as home (why a clock?, I'm not sure)...

A clock that is scrutinized every day by this girl.

Is that really the time??

And how I try desperately to keep this fern alive, as alive as the day it was in the church when we said our vows...

We're delighted to throw on this space at the beginning of the day when the sun pours in... and in the evening as the street light casts a glow.

We love how we saved these Dutch pennies... and used what we had...

But this space could use some tweaks, don't tell my handyman.

Here is this wish list, that over time may happen... slowly? And we'll keep you in the loop.

  • Building shelves, high and wide, on either side of the far window. So the mirror will have to go, and so will the white corner shelves, installed on a whim.
  • Change out the brown rug, my Walmart buy in university. There's just too much brown.
  • New, bright pillows... to inject some edge into our traditional space.
  • Purchase a modern plant pot for the fern.. thrift or new.
  • Developed new photos for the photo wall. 
  • More art for color interest.
  • New curtains to replace these ones we inherited from previous owners.
  • Can I share my really big dream?  I would love to to knock down that wall where the love-seat sits... to open up this favorite space to the kitchen....

A girl can dream...