Back-to-it-Monday... with the Beginnings of a Small Bathroom Reno {Home}

Note: This girl took off to the Dominican Republic last week for a work assignment, with this weak wireless connectionHome now and writing a recap so that those memories are tucked away here in this online journal.
Plus, this is a big week for us as we look forward to our first home study on Tuesday (tomorrow) as we move forward with these crazy, exciting adoption plans. Thank you to all who are following, encouraging, praying.


Let's go buy new tile, this handyman exclaims as he emerges from the basement on a Saturday morning.

He couldn't have said more romantic words to melt his bride's heart.

This old bathroom floor was making this couple cringe. With it's stains and cracking, soiled caulking.

So he grabs the closest tool and begins to demo this floor, before we've even chosen a tile.

It's funny how after nearly three years in this home suddenly the bathroom floor has to go.

He removes the trim, and scrapes out a few tiles... this sticky glue doesn't make this task easy.

And he removes the toilet and the pedestal sink.

And in this one bathroom home, this event isn't for the faint of heart.

And we spend more time than we would ever like selecting the tile we love the most (thank you, Lowes). He cuts it and arranges it in order... here's a sneak peak of what's to come :

This new floor is kicking off this small bathroom renovation. We have plans to:
  • Paint (White? Gray?... To be determined)
  • New shower curtain (white and textured, maybe)
  • New storage to maximize this little space (Considering a small custom job...)
  • New towel hooks
  • New light fixture

Any other spontaneous renovations this weekend?