How Small Changes Make this Big Difference... Framed Art and Special Heirlooms {Home}

We made a few subtle changes this week to this sweet white siding home...

This girl recently discovered this stashed-away art, from old highschool days. 

So we purchased these Ikea frames and tucked these memories into them.

This new, old art has brought life to some of these empty grey and sandy brown walls. The sketches in particular warm the cool-looking office

I've been so inspired by this subtle change, that I'm keeping this eye out for a frame for this lonely water color painting... purchased for just a few dollars from a street vendor in New York City. 

We loved the pops of blue and red

I find myself drawn to all things bright and colorful.

So while shooting a few photos at Grandma's (my handyman's Grandma) I took a photo of this pillow... and mentioned how I adored it

Grandma is too generous, and sent me home with it... even though I insisted she don't.

I couldn't win.

What I love the most, beyond these colors, is how it was knit thoughtfully, carefully, lovingly by Grandma's mother-in-law... my handyman's Great Grandmother. 

It began this conversation about heirlooms around our home... items that were made with love and passed down through generations. 

This quilt, and pillow, and pocket watch are just a few of these special reminders of our history, and family we love.

And bring this warmth to this old home. 

Shout out to my handyman who was so kind to his newlywed and put up these frames with a bandaged hand...

You are too patient with me.

Have you made any subtle changes lately? Anyone else DIYing with a small injury?