How this Scar Tells the Story of Grace... {Life}

Note: I know this lovely woman, Tampa, whose depth and strength I envy... in a good way... in the way that makes me want to go deeper and love bigger. So it came as a beautiful surprise and a gift when this mentor asked if I would guest blog at her corner of the web that she has called Devotional for Lovely Girls.
You could begin reading here, and then visit Tampa's welcoming space for the rest of these words... we love your company.

I've been told so many ways to erase this scar.

The one that curves like a gentle smile between my collarbones.

They say, I should prick that Vitamin E capsule and let the liquid flow and soften raised skin.

Then no one will look, or ask... and it will be like it never happened.

Maybe these remedies would undo the day the surgeon slumped in his chair, with his interns looking over his shoulder, and told this thousandth patient that they have cancer.

And my nurse sister is with me in this sterile room and her job is to listen to everything after the c word... while I fake this brave face.

I'm so relieved when we leave... but this sister puts this small arm around me and admits that she can't recall anything he just said.

I semi-smile, like this scar.

I can't blame her, because sisters share in these burdens, this pain, and scary news.

And sisters share in pure joy, as weeks before this kind handyman and I announce our engagement, and our plans to wed on a warm summer day.

How this diamond sparkles, and promises a wedding day...

How we'll say our vows and I would love for sisters to be by my side...

And how we never expected this...

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