The Most Read of January ... {Recap + a Few Small Changes}

It took several long dark nights alone, with her handyman away on these late night shifts, to finally scrape the bottom of things to do... and so created this space.

So that maybe she could spend more time tapping into something she loves - words - rather than press next episode on Netflix.

It was January 8th, when she finally named this space... so grateful for a friend who helped inspire this simple title.

And on the following day, she tapped away on these keys and hours disappeared.

This first post was scary. Imagine publicly declaring your resolutions? What was I thinking?

But it was this permanent declaration that built a small fire...

Some posts rolled off these fingertips so easily... while others caused this strain on the brain. But the goal for this space was to just keep on writing.

So somehow ten flawed-filled posts were published throughout the month of January...

This post being the most read and most commented:

It was beyond our imagination the support we would feel through publishing these words... how we would feel loved through this screen was unforeseen.

How special to know that this leads friends and family to prayer.

We excitedly read all your comments, and couldn't help ourselves but respond to every. single. one.

Thank you.

A close second was this post, reflecting on events in the past... words I never intended to write. But a dear friend requested I do, and perhaps somehow it could encourage another.

I so hope it did and could.

And while I so loved to write about life and adoption which has become this deep love - that we're becoming these unexpected advocates for - I also liked to share about this physical space that we sleep in, and dream, and cook, and enjoy.

It was thrilling for us to see several of these photos from the office re-pinned on Pinterest, inspiring others.

This girl has so come to appreciate blogs for how they inspire.

With this new fire, inspiration, love for the web, this girl wrote this post, Four Ways to Take this Blog a Little Further with the hope of bringing more function.

Have you noticed? 

As promised, this slightly-nontechnical girl found a way to give readers the option to subscribe. 

And just below this option, catch a quick glimpse of the most-read-blogs. 

Searching for a particular blog post? Scroll all the way to the top for the blog-search-engine.

I hope this helps my wonderful mother-in-law readers...

I must admit, it feels oh-so-good to look back and see these small accomplishments. Have you recapped your January... and given yourself grace for the small steps forward?