Why this Handyman is Always my Valentine... {Life}

He answers the phone, a little out of breath...

He's just walked in the door of their home.

While she's far away from those familiar walls of this first home.

About eight hours or so away, enough to take a plane to fly over these snowy towns.

So when he answers... she breathes out with relief.

She's quick to say she misses her handyman and she feels his smile through the phone... and he asks this girl all about her... how big was the plane? How were your meetings? 

His voice is kind, because he knows it's not easy for her to be away.

But all she wants to know is the small details of home. What did you have for dinner? What will you do tonight?

While she's there in that snowy place...  with child descriptions under her arm.

Praying earnestly.

And he sends texts that he's praying too.

And he speaks to her with great detail... because he knows her, he's studied her.

How all those small details give her the feeling of home.

So he talks about the snowfall, and how many times he's shoveled, and how he helped an elderly lady who was stuck in the snow.

But he says he's felt low while she's away... how he always gets when she goes.

This couple began this new tradition... as the new year brought this opportunity for new beginnings... and they've committed to reading this Book together right through. Trying desperately to remember each day to do so before bed.

And it's late, so he opens those fine pages, and she opens hers, and they take advantage of this brief connection.

And he reads slowly and carefully... nurturing these hearts and this marriage.

Because distance doesn't make these hearts grow fonder... because they are already so fond... but distance can make this marriage harder.

So they keep it strong and tender by reading and reminding one another of these life giving Words. Drawing peace, and strength, and joy from these pages.

And how does a marriage survive otherwise?

Without those Words and these prayers?

Her heart swells and she's thankful for this one she's called her Valentine.

This man who is a wise companion, with a tender heart.

This one who doesn't hesitate to pour words of encouragement deep into her soul.

And this man who focuses their marriage on the One who is the provider of everything... so that this couple celebrates dozens of valentines and every day in between.

Why is your valentine your valentine? Does anyone else travel several months of the year apart? How do you grow and stay well connected?