How we're Certified and Unqualified all at the Same Time... {Life, Adoption}

Note: We're delighted to say that we've completed P.R.I.D.E. training with Children's Aid Society... and we may have our last home study on Tuesday, March 12 (sometimes a fourth study is required, we'll see). Then our file will be completed by our social worker, submitted for approval, and sent to those who work with adoption and foster with a view. 
Which also means we have so much to do this weekend in order for our home to be up-to-par with all the requirements before our last home study!


I say our full names, and she smiles, and hands me these certificates.

I hold them gingerly.

Have you ever been given a certificate for something you don't quite feel certified for?

Like maybe I should hand them back, and request more time, more training...

I display them on this magnetic wall in the office.

And while I feel a little silly... I'm also so proud.

Of us.

Of him.

And how far we've come.

How we're learned, and grown, and matured a whole ton in the last ten months.

How we accomplished this together... and how we're this team.

And we're so close to being done all this theory, and moving on to the practical.

Ready or not.

We splurged on this box of magnetic wooden letters from Scholars Choice.

And our nephew comes over and smiles, laughs, and plays... and he teaches us more about this practical side.

He makes us feel more on the ready side... than the not.

And how it's not a matter of if we fail, it's a matter of when, and how that's more than okay.

The handyman looks tired, but he whispers how he can't wait to see who's in store for us.

And he shares his hopes and dreams, and worries and fears.

I realize how this certificate doesn't mean we are prepared for it all.

It may even suggest how unprepared we are, and our need to be equipped and prepared each day by Him.  

How He's more than enough to qualify us for all this.

Whatever size this package will be, and all that he or she will bring.

And how we're all jumbled like these magnetic letters, and He's arranging this story... and He knows who our match will be.

And all the equipping we'll need.


So my handyman is even more incredible when he brings home chocolate... and makes this mouth watering nacho dip for our potluck and final session at Children's Aid Society.

Small reminders of a significant day and milestone....