Five Steps to Unlock Your Blog... When You're Stuck on a Name {Blogging}

Yes... I'm ashamed to say it. 

It took more than a year before I broke my blog silence... simply because I didn't have a name.

I scribbled ideas, read dozens of recommendations on how to land a name... but nothing came... and I stayed away.

Is it just me? 

The creative juices stop short of having to name something.

Or you too? 

Are you steering clear of sharing you with the web because it's too hard to begin? 

I don't confess to have the key... and I can hardly confess to the most creative name.

But perhaps this little exercise could make you fall for something you love... and then the love of writing will follow.

Can we leave all those rules and recommendations behind too? Because I dislike rules when it comes to creating... boundaries are bogus and stifling.

I first caught wind of six word love stories here, at this beloved blog.

And it was love at first read... I had to try it. So I made several wildly silly attempts of putting this girl's love story with her kind man in just six small words.

You must know, I'm blushing to share this here...

Pursuing prince wins this girl's heart.

Sandy footprints step into uncertain parallel.

Best friends meet. Love is bonus.

Small beach encounter. Best friends marry.

Kind handyman down on one knee.

Best friends. Engaged on the bridge.

Yes... You can turn away at all this corny-ness...

While with friends, I pulled out these short phrases to have a good laugh... and a close friend pointed to one and said quietly, you should name your blog this.

Kind handyman down on one knee.

And that night I played around with words... and landed on a phrase I loved...

This Kind Handyman and I.

Within minutes this blog took life, and my fingers tapped keys, and I delighted in adding photos, and telling stories... and revealing parts of my heart that were hidden and untapped.

I had found the key.

So can I recommend to you five steps, not rules, or boundaries... from one confessed beginner to another... :

1. Write about your life, love, hobbies, in 4-6 words... don't focus on a title just yet... let ideas flow, nothing is too silly... just re-read my six word love stories

2. Read them aloud to friends or family and hear their thoughts

3. Then play around with those words... and choose what you love, rather than what makes sense

4. When you have an "aha!" moment, go with it, unlock your blog and write... (of course, check that it's original)

5. When you do step four, come back here and tell us, and we'll celebrate with you and read your first post

And could we expand on this, all? And tell others your key to unlocking and beginning your blog?