Spring has Hatched in this Humble House... {Home}

I so desperately wanted to take those bright colors of spring and bring them indoors.

So after a trip to Ikea, we have more color in our living space.

I took pillows from closets and from upstairs beds and took an inventory of what I had.

And just a few pillow covers later, I had more color.

The fine striped pillow is called the "Malin Trad" and the blue and green pillow cases are called "Skarblad."

The pillow cases were just $4-5 bucks. 

An inexpensive upgrade... and I love that I can remove the covers for a quick wash. 

Ikea is also a great spot for inexpensive pots.

I picked up two. A neon yellow for a smaller plant, and a bright white pot for this Boston Fern.

I love this bright white pot, that looks like a pail. It fits our casual living vibe, plus it's an upgrade from that outdoor planter. 

Although, a bright color paint dip may significantly improve that worn out planter. 

So while these little tweaks make a big difference... we also went big at Ikea... and bought this patio table and this umbrella

The patio table is called "Ransby"... and I'm unable to search it on the Ikea site. An FYI for you.. 

We'll show you these two in action soon.... for now, we're on the hunt for some colorful chairs.

This is our fourth summer in our home, and it's beyond exciting to outfit the backyard deck. 

Crossing my fingers that we'll spend many lazy days out there...