When you Keep your Eyes on the Crown of Life... {Our Adoption Story}

Oh yes... we can't believe it.

Has it really been just shy of a year since this all began? Since this deeply urgent feeling was deposited here, in our hearts.

And now, we could be matched soon?

It's our final home study... and she's sitting across from us, asking the most intimate of questions that would make anyone squirm and become suddenly aware of how you're sitting.

We're so desperately trying to stay honest, and real, and polite. Or maybe I should just speak for this twenty-something girl.

But it's uncomfortable to have someone poke at your life, right? And then they take notes as you speak?

Thank goodness we can see the finish line.

And if this is persevering, we're up for the task, we can do this, yes.

We can practice putting dolls and teddy bears in car seats...

And endure the revelation of each layer of privacy. We can even find joy in all of this.

We go for a walk, just my kind man and I, and we walk several blocks before the final stretch home.

And this handyman talks about quickening his pace when he sees the finish line. How could you slow down? he says... you can see the end, and this chapter is closing.

... and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

And all this running for nearly one year has toned these legs, and made us so steadfast...

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him...

The crown of life.

We check all the boxes, and answer all those questions to the best of our ability, and our file is so thick that it makes us laugh.

And with hands on our hips, we bend over gasping for air, having run so hard our lungs beg for rest.

I'm reminded of the days when I so desperately wanted to pull those covers over my head and wish it all away.

But these humbled-servants persevered and found joy by His grace and His promises alone.

*Friends, delighted to share with you that yes, we have completed that final home study with Children's Aid Society. And that large file of ours will have to be put into one long summary. So we wait for that, and we wait for approval. 
But I feel we're received the greatest approval of all, already...
We pray this will all be done and sealed and sent to the adoption staff by the end of May. Pray with us?