When all You can do is Trust... {Adoption}

My kind handyman and I are trying to keep this trust-cup full.

We want to hold an overflowing cup of trust.

Trusting and believing that yes, He's orchestrating all of this, no detail is over-looked.

Because it's there, feeling the weight of the trust, that makes us feel light. Giving us peace in all of this.

So that when the door closes to those two beautiful, vulnerable, shy children coming to our home, it will be all for glory.

The Lord has a plan for them... and He has one for us too.

And when the social worker is more than a month over a highly anticipated due date... it will all work out for good.

We'll continue to boldly step out in faith.

Readers, I had this plan, all these thoughts I wanted to pour out. But I feel the Spirit leading me to just this... trust. Quiet trust. 
I've left you in the dark for a while as to where we are at with adoption... thank you for grace. You know, we feel we are there with you. In a holding place, with closed doors, and we sit here, waiting.
Could we ask for something? Your prayers? We would love that. If you wonder what to pray for, pray that we trust Him without ceasing...

Oh yes...  filling up this heart with these lyrics today... and I may be singing at the top of my lungs.