When Life Gives You so Much to Celebrate... {Life & Love}

Just a small ode to an amazing guy on his birthday :

To my husband of nearly three years...

Celebrating you comes easy.

There's so many things I adore you for...

I love how you make these mouth watering, delicious meals from the Luke Cookbook.

And then you will stay and clean all. those. dishes.

I love when you sleep on my pillow... so I have to wake you when I slip into bed.

I love the way you ride this crazy up-and-down roller coaster of adoption, by my side, and with ease.

How you thank God for the ups and the downs.

Because I can't recall the last time I thanked Him for the waves.

You're so brave.

And wise.

I love how our nephews prefer you... the cool uncle.

And how you smile when they call that old beat up car a cool sports car.

And I know deep in my heart you will be a safe father one day...  a place where those children will find comfort and endless hugs. 

Oh, how you demand a hug every five minutes.

Never stop.

You are the hardest working person this girl knows... and you seem to love waking up terribly early.

You are this dedicated provider.

Loyal and honest.

And honestly, I could go on for days about you... my closest friend.

It's easy to celebrate you.

To another compelling year... Happiest Birthday.