Bathroom Colors, and a Sneak Peek at the Wainscoting... {Bathroom}

This small bathroom is one big lesson in home improvements.

It's been a test... just see here and here

But things are looking up. Literally. 

We are transitioning from brown walls... 

To crisp white walls (and ceiling)...

You can see that we have painted our white satin paint to where it will meet the wainscoting (about 5 feet). 

All of the towel bars have been taken down, but this side of the bathroom remains intact.

However, that white storage is on it's way out... and custom storage by this handyman will take it's place.

We have plans to replace that pedestal sink with a more functional one.

And that metal storage unit holding the toilet paper and toothbrushes will hit the road too (any ideas with how to use that elsewhere?).

The grey wainscoting will be installed on this side of the bathroom... and all of that brown will disappear. Yes, I can't wait

So far, we've installed wainscoting on one side of the bathroom (opposite the toilet and sink, where the towels hang). 

Here's your sneak peek. 

Although, I'm hardly savvy... you can see the wainscoting in the mirror reflection above.

But we're so pleased with it. 

This old house (about 60 years) is showing it's age... so this wainscoting strategy creates smooth walls again. 

These are our colors. 

I picked them quickly in Home Depot one weekend... I loved how they worked together on the swatches, without seeing them on the walls (risky, I know!).

A small run down for you, from left to right...
  • Bleached Linen in satin is on the walls and ceiling (above the wainscoting)
  • Lemon Drop in satin will be the surprise color that appears behind the storage
  • Natural Gray in semi gloss is my "grounding color" for the wainscoting

A very simple, clean backdrop to this space.

And at this point, we're happy with how everything is coming together.

I hope to kick this bathroom renovation into high gear over the next few weeks... we'll see if the handyman is up for that

Stay tuned.