Exactly what this Marriage Needed... {A small Anniversary Post}

Celebrating our anniversary this year has been so profound and wonderful to me.

Less of where we went, and gifts exchanged, and more His gifts, and tender moments of grace... 

In a world where marriage is something we must tirelessly fight for... this is what we needed.

On a grey, dark Sunday evening... as we cooked a romantic meal over the stove, the rain came down like rocks, hitting the pavement and springing upwards.

And then as quickly as the rain came, so did the sun... and I looked for it

The reminder of promise, and love, and grace

The gift in the sky. 

And while thick in the trenches of this adoption journey, I received a call from our adoption worker to introduce herself... on the day of our 3rd anniversary

Call me terribly sentimental...

But this is the greatest anniversary gift, to this couple, so wildly anticipating the match He has for us.

We can only truly celebrate three years by acknowledging and giving thanks to a God who has kept this flawed couple knit together... so that they could grow even deeper in love

The One who calmed their storms, and made forgiveness possible...

Who takes care of their every need.

And who gives the most personal gifts magnificently wrapped... on a personal day.  

*Friends, we meet with our adoption worker on Friday, August 2nd... we can hardly, hardly wait! 
*Ps. How did we celebrate our special day? On Sunday we had a delicious brunch at the Delta Armouries... where we had our first dance, and celebratory meal 3 years ago on July 30th! Then we went to a free movie at the theatre, complete with 3D glasses and popcorn, and rounded off our day with a home-cooked meal and relaxation. :)
I absolutely adored this card from my Kind Handyman: