If You are Looking to Accessorize that Outfit... {Shameless Plug for Hen Jewelry}

So I don't usually do this... 

But I'm head-over-heels for this jewelry, and we love that it's made by someone we know right here in London, Ontario. 

I even woke up this morning, thinking of a necklace I so wish I had snagged at her exhibit at the Folk Festival this weekend.

Thank goodness for her Etsy shop

Genevieve is the creator and designer of Hen Jewelry.

Aren't her designs so beautiful? 

Scary Spice was even spotted wearing one of Genevieve's necklaces.

So cool, right?

You see the gold necklace, there on the left?

I picked up that beauty for $45. 

Here's a closer shot : 

Love it

We also loved this exhibitor, who came in as our second favorite to Genevieve's accessories. I snapped a really quick photo, and I didn't even catch the name... but you wouldn't miss this display. These wood games with stunning, and completely impressed us. 

So for the locals, if you plan to hit up the Home County Music and Art Festival this weekend... this handyman recommends a Froster to cruise through this heat wave. 

Have a great weekend.