So Gladly Receiving the Badge of Approval... {Adoption}

... even if it's not a tangible one.


I hope I never forget the afternoon we spent in Starbucks with pens in hand, and hearts surrendered.

A hot summer sun sending light across all this paperwork.

And we stepped fully out of that comfort zone that we had built for us.

Remember that? 

And I blink at the screen as if this should have been the way all along.

But if there's one thing I've learned in this... it is to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

The email arrived in this inbox on June 24th.

With it's usual subject line, and usual author.

But one thing was so different, and completely wonderful, and surprising.

"Congratulations on your approval...

... you will be assigned to the adoption department.

An adoption worker will be in touch with you."

You know when you can feel the breathe from so deep down in your spirit... the feeling of yes, we did it!

More than a whole year later we are still standing, with this badge of approval.

A year where we weaved the rewards and challenges of adoption into our lives.

Entangled in the paperwork, and emails, and tears, and laughs.

We weaved in the waiting, into our every day routine.

Spending brief moments in complete terror, and worry, and fear.

And I think of my nephew and his discovery of a moving, crawling caterpillar. The caterpillar that struck a nervousness in him, making his toddler hands shake...

Unsure if he wanted to feel it's touch, and experience this small part of the world.

The hands of a sure father urging him forward, despite those fears, and tears.

Can you be inspired by a two-year-old?

So excited to share with you this news of approval. We prayed for this... that we wouldn't be required to rewind. And I so love how you keep us in your thoughts.
We wonder if this will be the summer where everything changes for us, in a fast, unpredictable way.
And beyond grateful for all the support.