So Happy with this Small Step of Progress... {Bathroom}

While I slept in one morning, this kind handyman mounted this Value Village thrift find onto the wall of our bathroom, behind the door. 

So I woke up to a spot to hang my towel.

Aren't good surprises wonderful? 

Originally, I planned to hang stick-looking hooks, to bring an outdoors feel to this main bathroom. But we're number crunching lately, while anticipating growing our family... and so we're practicing living on less than one income. 

So I remembered this very old item I purchased several months ago for just $4.99. I hoped to give it new life in the room of one of our children to hang their backpack, sweater, or gym bag (do kids still have gym bags?). But since we aren't 'quite there yet' I decided to dig it out and give it a home here.

Plus, I was so tired of throwing my towel over the shower curtain rod

I like the original wood tone and it's in good shape... so at this point, I'm not taking a paint brush to it... we'll see how the bathroom comes together as a whole. 

Plus, it might be a nice backdrop to these colorful Turkish bath towels I hope to get, after reading this review.

Bonus: they take up less space in your linen closet !  

Considering this dollar crunching season of life, perhaps I'll put these beauties on my Christmas wish list. 

I can't believe I said the C-word either !

Apparently I have a hook collection... 

This shiny fellow has been in my linen closet, waiting for his debut. I picked up this whimsical hook for $12.99 at my local Winners, with plans to hang him here:

Once we've moved the electrical outlet on the left, and complete the wainscoting, we'll give this hook a permanent place

I so look forward to a hanging hand towel... right now, we toss the hand towel on the back of the toilet. That's us, keeping it classy

Isn't it great when you buy items in advance, and "shop" for them later in your closets? As long as you don't become a hoarder, right? 
And isn't it so wonderful to be able to hang up your towels? It's the little things...