When this Handyman goes Curbside Picking... {Home}

In the time that I have known him, this handyman has never picked up something off the side of the road.

So imagine my surprise when he brought home this, on a sunny, hot, Sunday afternoon...

A sweet white wicker bench. 

That is in need of some serious TLC... 

I would love to say that I've whipped it into shape... and this is a big reveal.

But I'm stuck

And surfing the web for how-on-earth to fix those stray wicker pieces... and then what role this little bench will play in our home... and do I paint it? What color? 

I thought perhaps it could display plants, sit in a little girls' room (if we ever have a little girl...), or hold baskets of toys or blankets, etc.

But either way, I think it's a very wonderful find... and so, so thoughtful

I need your help! 
Do you have any tips/links to articles/ideas for what to do with this little love seat?