Bright Cups and Colorful Prints... {An Adoption Update}

So we've been a little MIA over the last little while.

I would blame it on the humid days, sandy toes, and fire-scented clothes... after all, we are Canadian and summer feels like a quick sprint... but that wouldn't be entirely true. 

We've been submerged into some very surreal conversations.

We should have seen it coming, considering we were approved by our local Children's Aid Society to adopt/foster-with-a-view... but it still made my heart race when they told us about an opportunityand asked if we wanted to "jump in."

And I wish I could tell you every detail because we're absolutely bursting at the seams with nervousness, excitement, and anticipation. But it's still all so complex and undecided and unknown.

I will tell you this... we channeled our anticipation into purchasing a few small additions to accommodate some very-likely changes ahead:

It's so odd to see these bright, vibrant colors against our neutrals... foreshadowing change.

And all this foreshadowing has us shaking at the knees, and biting our fingernails, and praying more earnestly than ever before.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like you didn't sleep? Just me? 

But just like my kind man inserted this sweet bird print into it's frame, we're so trying to take each step slowly and with absolute care...

Lifting up every worry, and feeling of inadequacy... and remembering our prayers of readiness. And remembering that it's so not about us, but about His plan.

His plan for those beautiful children. 

We so appreciate your prayers... for the children, for wisdom for the social workers and courts and judge, and for us, and foster parents, and for biological parents.

*We've met with our Adoption Worker and a Child Worker - all from CAS - and we look forward to moving on to next steps. 
*Cups and bird print and frame are all from Ikea. This sweet print was just $7! And the cups were just $2!