Come in, and Meet Caldwell and Garnett... {Bathroom Progress}

We pulled the trigger... and purchased a vanity.

(Please excuse this poor iPhone photo). 

Few vanities have been the perfect size to fit for our small, main floor bathroom. But this may be our winner.

It's an Allen + Roth design, called Garnett... 14.5 in. (height) x 24 in. (wide) x 19 in. (deep). We have friends working on a small bathroom renovation who bought this vanity on sale from Lowes. We noticed it was the perfect size, that it was a floating vanity (which we love for our small bath), a nice dark stain (which will pop against our white walls and light grey bead board), and a very good price when on sale. Yup, we vanity shopped in a friend's bathroom

So when this handyman spotted it in the Lowes flyer (on sale!) we went for it. I think it's originally $250. 

The one drawer feature is perfect for extra storage which beats our former pedestal sink... and it's just the right drawer to house kids items for them to access ie. a toothbrush. Plus, we can slip a little stool under the vanity for small children to rise up to sink level. 

If you follow this DIY team on Instagram, you would have seen this post of our new faucet. After choosing the vanity, we browsed the faucet options for awhile, trying to compromise between one another's likes and dislikes, and then landed on this Caldwell faucet, by Moen. We even took a few faucets out of the packaging to place haphazardly over the vanity to see if they complimented each other. 

Caldwell and Garnett were a great match. Plus, it has great features that really sold us:

- spot resist brushed nickel finish - that sounds great! 
- uses up to 32% less water
- it rung in at a reasonable price of $94 (reasonable when compared to the $200 faucets this handyman was looking up and down)

And did you know, with a Moen, you "Buy if for looks. But it for Life." Turns out I pick my faucets just like I picked my man. 

Here you can see how the brushed nickle finish compares to it's fellow faucets. 

I also read about a great tip: separating the hot and cold options is great for kids who could unknowingly pull a one-levered faucet to scalding hot. 

Plus, my new Moen looks pretty easy to wipe down in a jiffy (one of my key requirements!)

So what's left for this bathroom renovation? Here's our to-do list (in order):

- Mudding and sanding holes left behind by the old medicine cabinet
- Painting the wall space where the new custom storage will go
- Painting /installing storage
- Completing bead board
- Securing the vanity /new faucet
- Completing trim and casing
- Paint the bathroom door (a bonus feature... I'm thinking a very soft grey/blue)
- Art and accessories (including a new mirror that will be centered over the vanity!) 

If it comes together like it does in my head, this is going to look really great. 

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