I Could Never have Imagined This... {our life-changing Adoption journey}

It was one of those beautiful summer evening skies...

The sun in our eyes, and anxious nerves spiraling through our chests as we drove from the 401.. to the 402... until we were almost an hour from our front yard.

I was so relieved, as we increased the distance from home, that at the very last moment I had grabbed two small bubbles and shoved them to the bottom of my purse -- just in case.

I could never have guessed how those bubbles would fly, and shrieks of giddiness would fill the air, and all barriers that could so easily stood in our way burst like those soapy bubbles against our pointed fingers. 

How two beautiful children so threatened by a broken world could be completely enthralled with these strangers... who feel entirely inadequate and ill-equipped to handle such a thing as this.

And oh... how only these good gifts, and divine moments, come only from a good God...

So we make plans to meet again... on Sunday, of this weekend... and I promise to bring more bubbles, especially for the youngest who spilled all of his, and we laughed as he so gingerly tried to fill that bubble container with a cup of juice (that poured all over this kind handyman's leg !).

He arrives home sticky... and utterly so grateful.

*Friends, we've planned over a dozen meetings to meet over and over with a boy-and-girl sibling pair currently in foster care. We feel deeply blessed to have been given the privilege to enter into their lives... with the view to have them live full time with us. We so covet your prayers... please pray for the barriers to break... and for our relationship to build in a wonderfully, healthy way... and for peace about all of this... for all involved.