Let's Put a Blind on it... {Office update}

The last we rolled up a chair to this office space... it looked like this.

With the latest update being this curtain call...

We're really happy with how this space has developed... and what's really great is that it's a well used space, an indication that this square footage is our cup of tea.

I work from home and so I use this space in the afternoon when the light floods in through the big windows... and my kind man can be found in here researching or checking email on the computer, or Skyping friends and family from around the world. While that big black office chair wouldn't have been my first pick... I must admit - it's comfy. I even leannn back while on office calls.

But what happens in the late afternoon is the light comes in through that desk window and it's right in my eyes... and I overheat a little. It's glorious... I love that Vitamin C... but a blind was a must.

So here's what the window looked like before we got our hands on it. These pictures were taken in manual... #patontheback

So with a spare-of-the-moment purchase from Home Depot from the clearance zone... we dressed up this old window. Here's the after:

This is the one and only blind in our home so we're blind rookies, but I'm liking our first experience. There is no cord, no fuss, it's simply a pull down and push up with very little effort and the blind stays straight.

What I also like is that it blends in with our office. With bright blue cabinets, floral curtains, and a busy magnetic wall... it's a good thing that the blind falls into the background.

Plus, we love that it doesn't completely block the light. Even partially pulled down it takes the edge off the sun while allowing the room to stay bright and inviting.

It's a cordless cellular shade and we didn't need to cut it to size. My handyman had done his homework with regards to the measurements. And as far as the price, we were easily sold.

When it came to installing it... he just followed the directions provided -

We noticed that the blind sticks out ever so slightly because it's an old window. But we've been slowly updating our windows and so we anticipate with a new window it will be a great fit.

Window coverings are not my forte... as I've admitted before... so I'm delighted with this upgrade. Although, I can't believe it took us three years.

Next up... the kids rooms need blinds. So I'm leaning towards something more kid-like and light-blocking. Any suggestions?