Vanity, Faucet, Toilet, and Bead Board... Together, at Last {Small Bathroom Progress}

We're digging how our one-and-only bathroom is shaping up.

Since we last visited this bathroom, the handyman has made a few awesome updates - so we have a few updates to tell you about - 

Firstly, our new vanity and faucet. When we moved in over three years ago, there was a pedestal sink here which was easy on the eyes and great for this small space, but lacked a certain quality we needed - storage. Plus, there was very limited space to place a toothbrush, or jewelry, or make up, so everything landed on the back of the toilet = slightly annoying. I don't have a current photo of the pedestal part of this sink because when the handyman installed the tile the pedestal no longer fit - given that the floor was raised up ever so slightly. So the sink/bowl hung solo for several weeks. 

Here's the final look at that sink and it's dirty-looking-even-though-I-swear-I-cleaned-it faucet. We kicked these two to the curb - well, we're sending them to the Habitat for Humanity re-store for a second life. We considered keeping the pedestal sink for when we ever get to installing a downstairs/basement bath, but the handyman was opposed to this. We would love to do something like this instead.  

We introduced to you our brand new floating vanity and brushed nickle faucet here - but in it's packaging and on display. So, here it is in all it's bathroom glory. 

I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous as to how this 24 inch wide and 19 inch deep vanity would fit in our narrow space. But I'm happy to say, it's a great fit - and the Moen faucet is a perfect compliment. It's the right amount of curve and simplicity, and pops against the tall gray bead board. 

Plus, we're loving the added storage the vanity provides. We haven't put anything in there just yet - but hey, what family of four ever says "we have too much storage space" - said no one ever, right? It's a great to have free storage space, so we don't feel like we're busting at the seams of this home.

I'm excited to share with you our next update - 

A bit unexpectedly, we got a brand new American Standard toilet from Home Depot. It's a Cadet 3 Dual Flush Toilet - all I gather from this is "energy efficient" and I'm happy. Our former toilet was broken and making leaking sounds, and I'll spare you a close up of this seen-better-days-toilet and just say it's got plenty of nicks and scuffs.

We're loving the clean lines of our new toilet - we prefer curved lines elsewhere, so give it to us straight when it comes to the bathroom. Plus, the tall and slim tank keeps things looking uncrowded, and apparently the elongated bowl is great for comfort. I can't believe I just said that...

There's approximately 3 1/2 inches separating the vanity and toilet, and about 1 1/2 inches separating the vanity from the far wall. It was a lengthy discussion as to if the vanity should be right up against the wall, and I'm happy with how the handyman installed it so that there was a slight gap. Of course, he was also at the mercy of the plumbing. We're also loving how much space the vanity leaves below, so that we could slip a sweet train themed step-stool under it - which the kids are loving, and they use it every second they are in the bathroom to turn on the lights, brush their teeth, fix their hair, smile... ha.

Our final update is one you have seen all along in this post - the gray bead board. The handyman pre-painted and pre-cut it and his measurements were bang on and it slipped in perfect around the cabinet and behind the toilet and sink. He actually installed the bead board when the toilet and sink were removed. Here's a few more close-ups of one of my favorite features in this bathroom - the satin gray walls.

How awesome are those four finishes side-by-side /overlapping - the wood mirror, brushed nickel, satin gray bead board walls, and the white sink topper. What a difference from where we were earlier this year -

A lot more inviting, yes? Plus, a lot more family friendly with extra storage, including storage space at their height. And, with more-than-doubling our bathroom visits with two little ones - one of which is potty training - having an energy efficient toilet is going to save a fair amount of water.

We're almost done this bathroom makeover. It will have taken us nearly a year - but this is real life for us. A few of the remaining items on our list are -

- Center the mirror
- Put up our new light fixture - purchased 
- Complete baseboard /trim /casing
- Find doors for the main cabinet - I would love to find worn shutters from the Habitat for Humanity re-store
- Put up our whimsical hand towel horse hook
- Find a toilet paper holder - I'm really liking this idea

And then we'll close the door on this baby, or flush the toilet on this one, or just turn off the lights on this project... whichever you prefer.