10 Lessons this Handy-Guy and Gal are Learning... {From 2-to-4; Our Adoption Love Story}

I watch this four-almost-five-year-old, sitting at that sweet blue Ikea table, making this wonderful Fall art for her SK class.

She glues pictures over pictures, checking every pasting decision with me, and she makes this beautiful, fun, Fall-filled collage. And I feel like this week was this crazy-collision of things -- this life-gone-wild collage.

Perfect parenting is so far in the distance, even binoculars may be far from helpful. And we're learning to be more than okay with the messy.

1. Like when potty training is this utter disaster, it's not the end of the world, and maybe everyone just needs a break and grace.

2. It's so much better to make a funny face in the mirror, than to truly care about that appearance -- and funny faces with a 4-year-old girl dressed in pink is the best beauty routine.

3. Greasy hair may be my latest Fall trend. It's all the rage for this gal at this white-siding-home.

4. Leaving the pile of dishes to play in a fort with a 3- and 4-year old could have you all smiling big, and could be the highlight of the day.

5. Letting that same funny-face-making four-year-old pick out her outfit for the day may make you cringe every so slightly, but the accomplishment, pride, and happiness her hearts feels is more profound than this concern for matching.

6. Steering clear of the busy highlight reel of Facebook can be the day's best decision.

7. Quiet time with this handyman is something that is craved at the end of each day -- and he so deserves father-of-the-year and we've only just begun.

8. I crave Him too, the Giver of strength, guidance, and patience -- the latter of which is needed every. moment. And I so pray that they crave Him also.

9. Sisters, and in-laws, Costco, and Dora, and quiet time, are all such wonderful things

10. This body that misses it's runs and ample time for work-outs, has redeeming qualities -- like comforting arms, and healing kisses, and a cozy lap for little bodies -- and this supply of love will never run dry, as long as I have this say...

And this list could go on and on...

This handyman reaches over and kisses her head, while she reads stories to two busy-kiddies, and she takes a deep breath, and remembering to breathe through all the lessons is one of the greatest lessons of all -- to breathe in grace, and breathe out thanks.

Especially on days when all feels like failure and disappointment.

Because, truly, so sincerely -- there's no where else this couple belongs but within this crazy-wonderful-adoption-collage.