A Place to Hang Your Hat, or Backpack... {Kid Things}

Hooray! for getting clutter off the floor. I just love giving everything a "home" so clean up is a breeze. Whoa, I sound like a mom. Oh yes, I've been one for two weeks... (there's a wee update below).

So we're digging these kid-level hooks. This mini project occurred just days within our two little ones coming to live with us full time. It became apparent quite quickly that our no-closet-front-door-space wasn't accommodating additional jackets, sweaters, or small backpacks. And I remembered that we had these two small hooks just hanging out in our junk drawer. 

So in the moment, this project cost zero dollars. Another hooray! for shopping within my home junk drawer. 

We decided to hang the hooks under our picture wall, which has a stretch of unused wall space at child level. There isn't a whole lot we can do there, plus we want to consider that we can see that space from the couch (and we don't want to look at clutter), but we though sweet mini backpacks would be okay.

We also lovingly accept that we live in a smaller home with few closets, so more items will be visible (like shoes, coats, purses and backpacks) but feel exposed storage can be done just as well, and bring a great level of charm and that well-lived-in look which we like.

This handy-guy hung the hooks 34 inches up (just under three feet) and one foot apart. We wanted to leave enough room for two backpacks to hang without touching, and to have the backpack closest to the door not hang past the wall (so that hook is about 10 inches away from the edge of the wall).

The hooks are quite simple, as you can see. Perhaps not my first choice, considering all the quirky hooks out there that are creative and charming, but sometimes function and affordability takes the cake.

These junk-drawer hooks are great for getting little backpacks off the ground, and for minimizing the load of coats/sweaters on our hooks behind the front door.

Plus, having the hooks within kid reach is wonderful so they can hang their own coat and backpack. We simply say, "Please put your shoes on the shoe-rack, and your coat on your hook," when we walk in the door - they have their own hook to minimize confusion - and they even seem to appreciate it this responsibility and independence. And when we get ready to leave our home, it's easy for them to grab their jacket and things. Little adult help and attention is required.

As far as the rest of this front door space, cue the *sigh*... it's barely organized, a little cramped, and not a great use of space. I brought attention to it here, back in April. But we had turned our attention towards a bathroom renovation and a significant life decision, and those front door mudroom plans fell by the wayside. But we still have those baskets sitting in the basement waiting to be used and a front door space that's in need of storage space, especially since we're entering that hat/mitts/scarves season.

So we might just get on that sooner than later.

Update (for those following this adoption walk): We're doing well here, this family of four. Weaving the thread of our lives through each other's and making this tangled web that's so imperfect, just ask my sweet older sister whom I call each day asking how wrong I was at each challenging moment. 
I'm in desperate need of relying on His wisdom rather than standing on my do-it-myself island where no one wins. 
Motherhood it's extraordinary tough - kudos to all you moms, I never realized... 
And this new mom is facing the greatest of challenges and joys. Please keep us in your prayers.