What turning Five should Feel Like... {Life and Love}

She was given this tremendous gift, the morning of her birthday -- a breath-taking winter wonderland.

Could anything make this 4-year-old-turning-5 smile any bigger than this? And could a mom ask for anything more, than for this five-year-old to feel and know that she is beautiful, wanted, and loved -- and worthy of all this splendor.

And if she could know anything on this special day of birth -- it would be this. That God gives wonderful, unique gifts...

And how she's a one-of-a-kind gift...

And to strive to always be a gift.

Friends, just a short thought, on this special, busy day where our 4-year-old turns 5 -- breaking this blogging hiatus. We feel more than blessed to celebrate this milestone with her. 
And I'll be back soon here -- I'm planning for this week -- to show you a little project we've been sitting on, and will reveal as a gift to our daughter this eveningWe're more than pleased with how it's turned out.