A Homemade Playroom Desk... {Kiddie Things}

Our view this morning has us in awe.

We got away for the weekend to Niagara Falls with these spectacular views from our hotel room. We're feeling so relaxed and refreshed.. and we're feeling the love.

So it's with the icy water falling just outside our windows and this perfect sunrise pouring in, that I publish this little post about our playroom progress.  

Our basement blues are really turning around.

It's no longer the big-bad-basement to our 3- and 5-year old. (See why we tackled our blah basement here and progress here).  

The original basement plans always included a homemade desk. We already had this old door on hand and it's dented, and scuffed, and stained... perfect for kids since I wouldn't have a care in the world if it was accidentally drawn on

We decided to support it with two black trestles from Ikea, the Oddvald, super basic in their design.

These two trestles support our old 6 foot door really well. And while the trestle extends beyond the door on either side, so far we've had no problems with bumping or scraping. 

At this point, we've just pulled up our extra folding chair seating from seating. And we've accessorized the desk with everything they need - coloring books, paper, pencil crayons, crayons, sharpener, and stickers - and they love it

I even find our 3-year-old quietly coloring when the mood strikes him. 

What I appreciate about our homemade desk is this: 

1. It was just $30 and virtually kid-proof with all it's imperfections. 

2. Our kiddies have their own space. There's no bills, flyers, or other parent-accessories cluttering their work desk. So we're pleased that we stuck to our original idea of including a desk. 

3. I think it's a desk they can grow into as they evolve from coloring books to essays. I can picture a lap top being perched there in the future

We seem to enjoy making our own desks, especially if a portion of the supplies are on hand. Like our office desk, which just required a butcher block because we already had two old filing cabinets. See a bit more about that here