Picking the Perfect Grey... {Kid's Bedroom}

It was after hearing this news that our family of four would be a forever one, that I began to look at paint swatches for the youngest's bedroom. It's a joy to settle in over here...

But who knew picking a barely-there-grey would be this challenging?

They all kind of look the same to me. That is, until the paint hits the wall, and depending on the lighting a grey paint can look too brown or too blue, or too light or too dark.

Here's the room in question:

A few years ago we painted that upstairs room the same green/grey as our master bedroom and, as you can see, it is wayyyy to dark. Given that we live in a one-and-a-half storey home, those slanted ceilings and walls require a stroke of light and airy paint so this room doesn't feel so cavernous.

In the spirit of using all the leftover paint in our home, I first went with the color of our office, Driftwood Grey by Martha Stewart Living found at Home Depot, but quickly found this color went on too dark in this one window room.

So we perused other Behr greys at Home Depot and searched Behr greys on Pinterest, the latter of which was really helpful, and decided to go with Silver Drop. I loved it herehere and here.

Here is the room before it's paint makeover (please forgive the slight disarray..):

And after:

As far as why we went ahead with painting the slanted ceiling, it feels more cohesive this way for now. In the future, we may bring texture to those slanted walls and ceiling.

We're pleased with the results of this painting marathon.. three paint colors in four years, two of which were back to back. It is far more airy and bright that I even forgo turning on the light during the day if I'm playing with our youngest, tidying, or putting away clean laundry. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph so well with such a small light source, so you may have to trust me that's it's bright, cozy, and just right.

My next little plan for this room is in full swing. I've been inspired by a birch tree accent wall tutorial in this Better Homes and Gardens publication - Do it Yourself - the Spring 2014 edition. I've already begun taping out my birch trees on the far wall with the window...

Pictures to come... I'm excited to see how this fun project unfolds.