Ikea for Her... {Part 1; Kid's Bedroom)

Happy March Break! We're loooving it around here.. it's so wonderful to escape the school routine and just be.

With this life changing news for our family of four, we turned our focus on creating personalized, bright, imaginative bedrooms for our kids.. now three and five-years-old. So I went a little crazy at Ikea. Here's what I brought home for her (of course, these items could be used in a boys dwelling, as much as a girl's).

1. The Rigga clothes rack... it only took me all of two seconds to know this was for our skirt-and-dress-loving girly girl.

In our one-and-a-half-storey home, for some reason, the upstairs rooms do not have closets. There are two closets in between the two rooms, but we use those for seasonal clothing, jackets, and shoes. It would be a little inconvenient anyway to travel into the hallway for a sweater. We've thought of doing built ins, but in the meantime this super affordable clothing rack will serve our kindergartner way into her teen years. The height of the top bar is adjustable.. so smart.

It's also really nice to see her favorite skirts and dresses on display. Before, everything was stored in this wardrobe.

We love this wardrobe. It's from my handyman's grandmother.. how sweet is that. And by using the clothing rack more, it frees up more space in this wardrobe. Plus, I love mixing old furniture with new. 

2. The Lyckoax duvet cover and pillowcases in white and lilac... I actually purchased this set for our girl back in November for her birthday. For a few months she was rocking green sheets and an exposed duvet. She loves purple and pink, and I thought the design was really fun and lively. 

Our kids make their own beds, so while she's small I'm trying to simplify the process by giving her one pillow. When I purchased the duvet set, I also picked up a sheet set in that deep purple color.. a wonderfully fool proof color, that ties in quite well to the duvet set.

I'm thinking about painting the bed posts/frame... what do you think? Either way, we give this duvet set a big thumbs up all around. It's bright and a perfect for our girly girl.

3. The Ribba picture ledge... is so great for books. I know this has been done all over the web, so I'm following this trend and loving it.

We've done this in our playroom with two of the smaller ribba shelves and it's worked out great. So when I noticed her hard-to-see-stack of books, I'm pulled out the ribba from our stash (another item I had on hand from the fall) and put it here, nice and low for easy access and viewing. She keeps just enough books to fill the ledge, and we put the overflow in the playroom. However, books rotate around here so it's ever-changing.

4. The Spontan magnetic board... we hung this horizontally above her book shelf and used these large magnets, in pink, to hold cards, photos, and pictures she's drawn.

We think it's great for her age, and gives her creative control. There's a lot of significant people in her life and I would love to have all those faces up on her board for her to see and think about.

I think/hope we've managed to create some good bones for this space and it's coming along nicely... we've even noticed the kiddies choosing to play up in their rooms, which they didn't do before...

The dollhouse, we made here, we've pushed close to the window. It ties in well with the pink and purple theme while also bringing in blue/greens and other patterns. And the cabinet to the left is another special heirloom from my side of the family. It's still in great shape and holds toys, activities, hair accessories, etc.

We still have more tweaks to come to create a more inspiring space -
  • Paint the ceiling pink (maybe?)
  • Gold polka dot accent wall (still surfing Pinterest for inspiration on this one)
  • Art, more photographs
  • A basket for her stuffed animals
  • Paint a thrift store mirror
  • A curtain/some kind of window treatment (in addition to the existing blind) 
  • New knobs for the toy cabinet

As always, I'm so open to your thoughts, ideas, advice.. !