A New Bathroom Light Fixture, and other Odds and Ends... {Bathroom}

We finally got around to putting up our new bathroom light.

We picked it up so long ago, that we can't even recall where it's from. We think it was purchased from one of the big box stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. Either way, we're patting ourselves on the back for a good find several months ago. We're loving the finish, the industrial look, and the pitted glass. 

I'm a bit giddy about all of this because it's been a journey to get here.. so goes fixing up an old home. When we moved in four years ago, the handyman found this light (below) on sale and put it up on a whim. It was certainly an improvement from when we first moved in (sorry, we don't have a photo of the original light). 

But as we began to renovate this small bathroom and extend storage above the light fixture, it was feeling boxy and tight for the space. So we bare-bulbed it for a few months along with exposed wiring and a reminder of all the colors this small bathroom has endured (how do you like that orange?), all the while the mirror was off center - due to the outlet to the right of the mirror which has been wonderfully relocated. 

I guess I'm feeling more centered these days. Other than the shower/tub system, the mirror is the only original item we have kept. At this point, we appreciate the wood tone, the oval shape, and how it's slightly worn in... oh, and I'm loving that it's centered between the storage unit and wall. 

The outlet was relocated to the wall on the right, joining our towel hook. 

We're liking this arrangement and enjoying the whimsy this horse brings to our one and only small bath. We plan to change out the silver screw for a round one that we may need to paint white. But for now, we're working with what we have. 

This bathroom is on our minds these days. We hope to wrap it up, with a few major to-do's on our list: 
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Finish trimming out wainscoting
  • Doors for the bathroom storage piece
  • Freshen up the door with a coat of paint

As always, crossing our DIY fingers...