Our New Pillow & Plans for Outside... {Home}

This is us... 

Typically I would enjoy word pillows, but rarely considered buying one for my home. Until we strolled by this one at Indigo/Chapters. We were quite surprised by how personal it was too us... given that I kiss my often sleepy handyman good night, and before he leaves for work in the morning he gives a good morning kiss to his barely-conscious wife. It's our tradition and it keeps us connected. I can only count once or twice that I missed my morning kiss over the last four years of marriage. 

We put the pillow in our bedroom. I think it's the perfect pick-me-up for our somewhat tired room. We haven't changed it for four years, and I'm dying too since my preferences have changed, but it's just not a priority right now.

For now, this makes me smile when I walk by...

I even have a new appreciation for making the bed.

You can see some of Indigo's other pillows here, but I don't see ours available online. We purchased it in store for $39.50. 

So many things are making me smile these days... spring has sprung ever so slightly and my son has taken to his bike and already clocked several hours. The purple training wheels don't seem to bother him, and he loves ringing his new bell we attached to his bicycle. This bell is the closest one I could find to what the handyman purchased at Canadian Tire.

I've also clocked in a few hours of yard clean up. We have lots of plans for our property this spring and summer. Including a brand new shed, out with the old rickety one and in with a new 10x16 shed. I plan to document the before and after here. But perhaps what we are most excited about is assembling this play set we picked up from Costco. It's a surprise for the kids.. we plan to send them away for the weekend and have them return to it all set up and ready for them.

Big plans! Stay tuned...