When I've Gone and Done a Mama-Blunder... {Life with Kids}

There's nothing like this...

Like this pit in my stomach that resulted from a mommy-mistake. And believe me, these mama-blunders aren't far and few between.

And I had no plans to bake on this breathing day I get every Tuesday, but somehow I couldn't resist making this delicious-smelling chocolate chip cookie peace offering. And I'm all shameful to say that not all the cookie dough made it to the oven.

I guess I was hoping to take an edge off the mommy-guilt.

All I see is your sweet smile and that way about you that can melt my heart, like these gooey, delicious cookies.

And I want you to know that I never want to be a mom who can't bring herself to look you in the eye and apologize for these slip-ups, a mama who can't bear to admit all these flaws.

Because the reality is, daughter, this mama is so far from perfect and begging for grace...

Sweet daughter, if there's anything I've learned so well, it's to apologize swiftly, authentically, and sincerely. One day, you will need to do the same.

And little one, please tell someone when they've hurt you, however deeply, because it's these awkward, uncomfortable conversations that can bring you the most comfort and freedom.

Some day, I can absolutely guarantee, that you will need to be brave and share your heart as much as it might hurt.

Nothing else is worth it.

Your drinking in that chocolate chip cookie peace offering, in disbelief that this mama would let you do such a thing before dinner. And all I want to do is drink you in, your beauty, your sweet heart, your honesty, your wisdom to forgive with a simple, it's okay mommy.

How did I ever deserve you, daughter?