If You're Looking for a Mama-Gift... {World Tailors}

I didn't know it until I became one.

That motherhood is a put your heart out there for every string to be pulled kind of job, that requires all the strength, insight, and wisdom that our God gives...

And perhaps it requires a beautiful apron too (it does for me!), because who says a hard working mama can't have food on her and look stylish all at the same time.

But not just any apron.

A London (Ontario)-made apron, crafted by immigrant and refugee women in this city aka The World Tailors. I so appreciate how every dollar spent on this apron goes to empowering these beautiful women in my home town.

Their aprons are beautiful too. At our home, we're fans of our World Cooks aprons, we even have them for the little ones and the handyman (who whipped up home-made pizzas from scratch this week, and he has the floured apron to prove it).

I can promise you that your mama, if she bakes/cooks, will love this colourful, reversible, hardy apron with it's large front pocket and adjustable strap... my mama did (last Christmas).

If you're within Canada or the US you can shop here and if you're local (and want to pick a last minute gift) they will be selling at the Western Fair Farmer's and Artisan's Market this coming Saturday, May 10.

I should mention I'm not being compensated for this blog post. We just love this budding business for a profound cause and want to support it.