A New Outdoor Light... {Home and Life}

But first, a shout out to my handyman - happy 4th anniversary to you!

I don't think we could have ever guessed that life would have brought us here (in such a short time).. and that we would be sharing our lives with two beautiful (busy, lively, curious!) children that God chose just for us. This journey is made possible by your companionship, love, encouragement, and support. I look forward to all the ways we'll continue to build a deep, meaningful life together. 

I wonder where we could possibly be in another 4 years?!


I'm not sure I say this enough - it's so great to have a husband who is an electrician. Our home is so much better for it. Without costing us a penny along the way, other than supplies. He's buried exposed wires, fixed electrical quirks (ie. originally, the basement light turned the TV on and off), and created exposed overhead lighting in the office (to name a few).

And most recently, updated our outdoor light fixture. Here's the light we lived with for over four years now.

It's old, rusty, and we were never fans of the gold accents. We're tossing it to the curb, literally, in hopes that it will make another home owner happy. We're all about reusing/recycling around here. So if it doesn't float our boat, maybe it will float yours.

While at Home Depot in the lighting aisle, every light looked better than what we had, but I decided to go with this Ryder light.

I like the lantern look. We've always gravitated to this while perusing the outdoor light aisle. It has a black finish so that it will match our home's black accents, and the glass is seeded which gives it nice character. Plus, it was only $27.98. Pretty affordable curb appeal update, if you ask me. 

Of course, purchasing this light without my electrician handyman was risky, but thankfully he gave the thumbs up when he saw it. Our concern was that it may be small (the larger version is more than double the cost) but any kind of crisis was averted when we saw that it fit perfectly. 

It's not a major update, but we're appreciating how clean and modern it is. 

And remember how I so enjoy having an electrician around? Installing this light took him about 5-10 minutes, plus he had a light bulb on hand. 

Are you up to any affordable outdoor updates? I'd love to know (curb appeal seems to be a weakness of mine).