Finishing Touches to the Bathroom... {Home}

We decided to go with two cabinet doors to hide all of those unsightly toiletries in our bathroom cabinet.

While still keeping the uppers open (of which I still need to style somewhat). It's really nice to know that guests will no longer be subjected to our toiletry preferences. 

We took our time with this part of our bathroom update since I had envisioned time worn shutters to act as doors over the vertical cabinet only to find out that the nearby Habitat for Humanity Restore no longer has their aisle of used shutters (big thumbs down). I debated sewing a curtain but thought the bathroom may begin to look too curtain-esque given that it would be right next to the shower curtain.  

So the cabinet remained exposed for months and I was willing to do anything, just shy of shielding the cabinet myself. 

Our dilemma ended up being solved within a 24-hour period. While at Home Depot we decided to go with very affordable plywood for the doors. We had the plywood cut to the doors' dimensions at Home Depot's cutting center (so quick and convenient). Next we headed to the hinge aisle where we grabbed four of these invisible hinges... 

And, for the pulls we went we these glass knobs shaped as hexagons. 

The handyman installed the hinges and doors first (some sanding /fitting was required) since we thought it would be most efficient to paint the hanging doors. We didn't paint the inside of the doors.. but the front and sides got three coats of the cabinet paint we've used all along (Behr's Bleached Linen). 

We're happy with the results and can't believe we waited this long to get er' done. Isn't this often the case? Why didn't we do this sooner? 

Speaking of getting it done. We decided to go with this simple Moen toilet paper holder. No more craning to grab the toilet paper off the back of the toilet. 

And, we put in a round fitting screw for our towel holder. So our horse is looking more polished too. 

All in all, it was one very successful Home Depot trip. We knocked several to-do items of our list. Remaining now is.. 

a. Finishing up the trim.
b. Some caulking by the tub, cabinet, etc. 
c. Art (?).

For some reason, we often procrastinate on the finishing touches. Do you ever have this problem?