The Basement Floor is Done... {Home}

...and the kids are delighted with their new and improved playroom. Or, just relieved to have it back in working order.

We actually wrapped up painting last Wednesday but left the floor for several days to cure. So it wasn't until Saturday morning that it became livable again - we laid down the rugs and moved all the furniture back in place. Bringing us to the end of a tedious 2-week project. The handyman and I are giving each other calloused hand hi-fives over here (okay, his hands were always calloused). 

In addition to painting the floors, which you can read about here and here, we bought two very affordable rugs from Home Depot. The 5x7 shag rug in the TV nook was $99, while the simple 8x10 playroom rug was $89. Are they the perfect fit and choice for the basement? Not quite.. but they didn't break the bank and they achieve what we were looking for - cozy, bright, and child friendly. We love digging our toes into the shag rug.

Plus, they leave adequate space between them for car racing and top spinning. 

It would have been tempting to tear this old basement apart and redo it. Not that either way is right or wrong, it's what works for your family. And this is what worked for ours given the handyman's limitations between work and family, the expense, and our need for this space (having it out of commission for too long would be trying). Brightening up this old basement with a few coats of paint (everywhere!) and several other adjustments has made this old basement enjoyable to be in. 

Just because I appreciate seeing how far we've come, here's what we started with:

What were we thinking with all that furniture? And oh, that paint color, and those floors, and the rugs. You can read more about how we tackled these basement blues here and here

This weekend the handyman began cutting and gluing baseboard all around the finished space. We're noticing just how wobbly this old floor is but hope that quarter round will help disguise this (we hear it's quite flexible). Meanwhile, I'm finishing up the stairs and a few other paint touch ups around the basement. We're more on top of these finishing touches than ever before! I think we're inspired. 


A small off-topic thought: This weekend we had a family celebration with family and friends, honoring our forever family of four. We were incredibly blessed with encouragement, love, and gifts. It felt like a turning point in a way - that we're really settling into this journey. Thank you to all who have followed along, who have thought of us, and prayed for us.. we're forever grateful and our hearts are all swelled up today.