A Letter to our Boy on His Birthday... {Life; Adoption}

To you, Son,

We kissed three goodbye and ushered in four on Sunday...

And we're so proud of you our animal loving, vibrant, smiling son.

Don't mind us, as we go all crazy like it's your first. Because the truth of it is, we missed your first three birthdays and we feel like we've missed out on the world. So we're going to do up four like it's the event of the year.

We missed your first steps, but you know, we watched you learn to fly on that scooter and attempt your bike without training wheels. And we missed your first words, but we loved hearing your first prayers. 

You saved a lot for us. 

And if there's anything this mama could say to you on this day it's this:

God brought you into this world for a wonderful purpose and I hope this mama can help guide you to that understanding... I pray this won't be lost on you.

There's another mama thinking of you today. The mama that labored over you and brought you into the world in pain and with courage. I just know, she won't let this day go by, or any, without a thought of you.. and we'll think of her and talk about her whenever we can, whenever you want.

Every year can bring about more healing.. and joy.. and love.

I'm so far from perfect, as are you. I hope most days it causes us to burst into laughter and forgive quickly. It's only by grace that every day can be made great.

We missed your first steps, son, but we want to take the rest of your steps and commit them to a Heavenly Father who cares so deeply about you.. as do we.

You are a spark, wild and free, and some days you drive this mama a little crazy.. but know this son, I will never stop loving you and you will always have a second chance. I pray you give this mama second chances too.

How did a year go by already? How is this countdown on the fridge all crossed out?

And you'll be off to junior kindergarten in a blink and I'll long for your company.. remember our days at the pool, the library, the church? I don't know if I did enough to prepare you for such an adventure as JK. But I know this son:

God is enough.. and He is with you on this journey.. and we're praying hard for you.

And these green parents will accompany you through all those ups and downs.. we want to know it all. We want to know you, because we think you're wildly wonderful with world changing potential. 

Happy Birthday, Son.

Your soaked-eyed Mama