A Sketch of our Home... {Art}

So while I was using command strips to hang these photos last week, I also put up this one over the office desk.

It's a sketch I did of our house several weeks ago and I'm happy with how it turned out. I haven't sketched like this since high school where I was somewhat of an art geek.. and there's remnants of that around our home.

My time for art fizzled out when I went off to university/college. But recently, the handyman and I went to an art shop and picked up a sketch book and drawing pencils. I've always wanted to sketch our home, this being our first home and quite sentimental, and so this was the perfect opportunity.

I began by taking a picture of our home on my Nikon which I then developed at Black's (so I didn't need to awkwardly sit out on the front lawn while the neighbors called me crazy). I decided to do an 8x10 sketch which could then fit into a generic frame bought just about anywhere. In this case, this frame is from (you guessed it) Winner's. It's a white frame with a worn, rustic edge which fits our home's style.

I like this new view from my office chair, rather than eyeing a blank gray wall behind my laptop. It's a small inspirational piece which this office was very much lacking. I like to surround myself with inspiration I'm just not always sure how to get there.

And like the photos in the basement stairwell, I hung a piece of paper to get my placement just right. I suspected I may have some items sitting below this frame so I raised it up slightly.

The house picture is represented by the Shopper's flyer on the left. I decided to forego the picture on the right. And I followed the directions on the command strip packaging. This was much easier than the pictures in the stairwell.. no fear of falling!

Since this sketch I've gained some confidence and attempted another home (in watercolor) and I plan to do a portrait of my daughter next. They've become special keepsakes which we can enjoy, especially if we ever move to another home.

Have you attempted to sketch or paint your home? (Or perhaps you paid to have it done). How did it turn out?