Wrapping up the Office Lighting... {Home}

We're really putting a kink in our necks lately. First, painting the stairs and now this..

We finished up the lighting in the office last week with the help of this Catalina 3-light adjustable track bar from Lowe's.

It was super affordable at just 27.99 and the handyman still had leftover pipe from when we decided to go with exposed lighting in the office since there was no overhead electrical box installed (and no attic above). And since we splurged on the pendants which we purchased from Living Lighting here in London, Ontario, Canada it was a good compromise to save in this area.

We installed the two pendents with plans to add track lighting on the other side of the office to provide more light. 

Mission accomplished. However, initially we felt uneasy about the aesthetics. Too industrial / too busy? But now that our eyes aren't glued to the ceiling as we go about our business (who walks into a room with their eyes looking up, right?) it's become less noticeable and we enjoy all the light in the evening. 

The light casts a nice glow on a collection of books on top of these two Ikea cabinets, plus it's much easier to see into the cabinets in the evening with the help of the track light. It definitely feels a lot brighter and bigger as it lights up the dark corners of this side of the room. It operates on the same switch/dimmer that the pendants do so if it feels too bright we can just dim it down.

We're pleased with the white finish and chrome accents. It doesn't compete with the unique finish on the pendents and it blends in with the ceiling and cabinets. It's bright and fresh even when it's turned off.

This project was quick and painless, thanks to an electrician handyman. Lighting makes a big difference and I'm learning that having lighting at different heights is so complementary and appealing. For example (in our case), having track lighting and hanging pendants or, pot lights and lamps.

Any other lighting updates happen this weekend? How do you like to light up a room (other than your smile.. oh gosh.. too cheesy, right!)?