When They Fly... {A Small Bitty on Life}

This mama is finally taking a deep, long breath this morning (the first time both kiddies are in school). It's been quiet around here, my slice of the web. But this small home has been bursting with a series of wild and wonderful moments, and I didn't want to miss a second of it for the world. 


We wait for when it's quiet, when all the big kids are in school. 

And now you're the biggest kid here, for the moment. 

I mistakenly call them 'hills' (what was I thinking?) and you correct your mama and say their ramps.. of course

And I love watching you climb those ramps and then down you fly. That's what you've been doing a lot of lately.. flying. You smile wide at the wind against your face, and I can't help but smile big too. This is one of the greatest joys in my life

And you say loudly and proudly to anyone who will listen that you are on two wheels, no more purple training wheels balancing your bike and I still can't believe it. And the sparkle in your eye is pure joy. 

And today we kissed your forehead and cheeks, cupped your chin with adoration, squeezed your hand and wished and prayed for a wonderful first day of junior kindergarten. You were so brave and told your teacher about your two wheel adventure. 

You're flying, love

And you daughter, our lovely, quieter, thoughtful one, took on grade one like a champ. And the teacher already adores you after day one.. and I'm not surprised

You're tying shoe laces.. when did that happen? You're tying pony tails, and picking out clothes better than your mama could. Pretty soon I'll be taking fashion advice from you. You're five going on ten and I'm fastening my seat belt. 

Thankfully, still, you aren't too big for a big old fashioned hug and kiss on the playground before you take off and run with a friend. 

So you can see why this mama needs a breath after chasing two wonderful creatures, watching the youngest soar big, and seeing the oldest continue to grow. It's enough to take your breath away..