A Small Collection of Likes.. {What I'm reading / listening / enjoying}

September was a big month for us.. to say the least. We went to the court house on September 19th, with anxious stomachs and ready hearts, to legalize our adoption. Our lives will be forever altered by this amazing event. More pictures and thoughts to come.

These pale in comparison to our news, but here is some of my normal...  

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this album, Yancy's Roots for the Journey, at ohamanda.com. It's become the calming soundtrack to our busy school mornings. 

Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker is so good. Helping me feel comfortable in this new mama-skin by talking honestly about her experiences... a me-too rather than a how-too. 

And The Princess Problem by Rebecca Hains is a really awesome guide to how to raise media-savvy kids. Already I've put some of my new found knowledge to the test, helping my kids be critical and thoughtful of the books they are reading and movies we watch. 

I'm adjusting to being a stay at a home mama with kids in school... not that it will always be this way... but this blog, sent to me by another mama, was an interesting take on the life circumstances I find myself in. I love being available for field trips, and volunteering in the classroom (yup, I'm all signed up!). I feel so fortunate to be able to be in my children's lives in this way. We missed the baby-bonding years, so this feels good right now. I'm learning to be okay with this

This has got to be my favorite blog on the web right now, HouseTweaking.com. Her house tour has me in love. Plus, I like her idea of creating 10 Features Of My Dream Home. I'm thinking of giving this a go, especially as we consider moving. What? Did I just say that? 

Have a great weekend all. Our weekend is full to the brim.. including my first engagement shoot as the photographer. I can't believe this couple asked me. Crossing my fingers that it goes well... and if it's good you know I'll be sharing some pictures with you