A 5-Minute Bathroom Update.. And My First Artificial Plant {Home}

Happy New Year! 

I have a really good feeling about 2015. I'm ready to let go. To take more risks with writing, our home, my art.. to just kick perfectionism in the butt because it's held me back for far too long. So hopefully you will see some changes around here. 

Speaking of changes, I finally brought some loveliness to the exposed shelving above the vanity. See the before here.

It's now a nice view if you crane your neck upwards, which I do for fun. A soft grey wire basket corrals the toilet paper, and a fake plant in the middle brings some needed greenery to the space without the care (bonus). Both items were $10 each from Homesense. I grabbed the handyman's yellow wooden sail boat that he played with as a kid for a slight burst of color and a nod to our two little ones.

I often thought a fake plant was "selling out" but I'm seeing that there's definitely a place for it...

The basket to the right has always been there and it works well for now. I picked it up from a thrift store (Value Village) a few years ago.

So the days of unsightly-ness are behind us (almost). We still have some trim to finish up. Yes, we're working away on our second bathroom (walls are going up as I post this), so it's unlikely this bathroom will get the handyman's attention anytime soon. DIY'ing can be very slow, am I right? 

I also went ahead and bought this soap dispenser. I wanted to steer clear of anything breakable without having to go with plastic, so this stainless steel dispenser, which I found in the kitchen section of Homesense, is a good fit for our family and little guests that come by.

It's almost like we're grown ups now.. an artificial plant, and a new soap dispenser (rather than the plastic bottles that come with soap).