Coffee Table Makeover... Because I'm Not Waiting on 'Someday' {Just 3 Steps}

We picked up this coffee table awhile ago at Yardigans (a second hand store here in London) for just $10.

I introduced it on the blog here, and confessed that I had no idea what to do with it, other than remove the ugly wood tape and give it a good wipe down. So it's migrated around the house, between the basement and living room, but always ducked under my makeover radar.

Until I read the The Nesting Place, which I wrote about here, and realized that I was waiting on 'someday.' 'Someday' when I have the time and resources to do it right.. and guess what, that day rarely shows up for this girl, you?.. so I need to just do 'something' rather than wait on 'someday.' So I took another look at that coffee table we picked up in the summer, and decided to try something out.

First, I used what I had - leftover chalkboard paint - on the two surface pieces. I did two coats in one evening (chalkboard paint covers very well), and then let them sit for a week (as instructed) before I prepped the surface with chalk.

We have play chalk on hand for the kids, so I just used a piece of white chalk from their collection. I rubbed the side of the chalk across the surface, then used a damp rag to wipe it off. I did this step twice. It was super quick.

I decided to go with a little blurb on the top piece, give thanks, which I wrote with a white chalkboard marker. On the bottom, I just went with a simple triangular design.

Next, before the handyman left on one of his many trips to the Home Depot, I asked if he could add these items to his list :

The Goo-Gone was pretty amazing. I sprayed it along the frame and then a few minutes later I wiped it down with a cloth. The frame cleaned up really well.

Lastly, I guess you could stop here if you wanted, but I decided to paint the frame with Rust-oleum's Universal Pure Gold spray paint. It only took 1 can, 2 coats. This was my first time using a metallic spray paint.. so it was really a shot in the dark.. but I like the look of it and I'm feeling gold fever (I want to spray paint everything gold).

After letting the frame dry for about 24 hours, I put it all together and set it up in our basement TV area. But first, a reminder of how the coffee table looked before this mini makeover.

And now :

I love that it's no longer giving me an evil eye.. the "do something" eye. And you know what, it was a super cheap fix. 

Coffee Table (second hand): $10
Rust-oleum's Universal Pure Gold spray paint: $10 + tax
Goo Gone Spray Gel: $5 + tax
Chalkboard paint: $0 (leftover paint)
Chalk and chalk board marker: $0 (around the house)

= ~ $28

And if you're wondering, we're using coasters as much as we can, but a simple spill (drink or food) is easy to wipe up. Do you have a little project that's just getting away from you? Who doesn't! What is it?