Children's Books We're Digging... {Kiddie Stuff}

It's been awhile since I bought new children's books.

Of course, library and reading books are always circulating through our home, but I hadn't bought anything new in many months that was just ours to stay. So when a brilliant friend sent me an email about this book, Rosie Revere, Engineer, I went for it. I love that this friend always recommends books that stretch our little ones minds to wonderful possibilities.

Then, while shopping on Amazon, curiosity got the best of me, and I found another book by that creative author, Andrea Beaty, called Iggy Peck, Architect. And it's been the cause of big laughs and raised eyebrows, especially when at two, Iggy builds a tower with dirty diapers and glue. The kids just can't believe it.

The writing is fun, and the illustrations are captivating, and we love that Rosie and Iggy are in the same class at school. We wonder if their friends? But anyhow, Rosie and Iggy inspire us to build, and create, and not to quit on our dreams.

And because this mama can't contain herself when it comes to great books, I splurged for this one too, What Do You Do With An Idea? 

I love how this little boy feeds his idea, defends his idea, and grows his idea.. and we're all left wondering, what's his idea? And it gives us room to dream, too.  Because I want nothing to limit these adopted little ones. We desire for them to dream big, to nurture those dreams, to trust God with those dreams, and to let nothing hold them back.

Aren't they the cutest pair? And we're proud that the oldest one is reading wonderfully, and the youngest is right on her heels (you can tell who their mama is.. one who gets excited about books and writing, and anything that stretches the mind past it's limits.. and I love that they love it too). And in case you're wondering, these three books have our little ones stamp of approval and I'm sure they'll be memorized in no time flat. Plus, they'll further inspire our fort-building, lego-loving, art-enthusiast kiddies.

In no way have I been compensated for sharing these finds with you... we just love to share what is boosting the learning and stretching in our home. And for the home decorators, isn't this what we create a cozy, charming home for? For lazy days with books on laps, big dreams, and socks half on, and we're all completely comfortable and loved for who we are in this place. 

And just one more thing, do you have a children's book or two that you're currently loving? I'd love to hear it.