My "Oliday" Camera Bag... {Photography}

My new camera bag arrived yesterday.

And I really like it. I ordered the green canvas bag a few weeks ago from a company called Oliday, which I found when browsing Etsy. It's just one of the many ways I'm getting ready for my modest business launch in the spring, since I anticipate taking my camera and lenses on the road more than ever before. What was most important to me was the three interior compartments for my camera and two additional lenses, for the most flexibility in the field. It's a super soft and padded removable insert with a zippered liner for extra protection.

It's compartment heavy on the exterior as well, which is great for all those little things like memory cards, keys, iPad, etc. It has five pockets in all. This way I don't need to bring a purse or fill my pockets will small things. Given all the bags storage capacity it surprised me how small and light weight it is, so hopefully my back won't be aching half way through a shoot. Of course, I can always set it down if I'm in one spot for an extended time. It's got a great little shape to keep it upright.

And of course, I think it's quite handsome. I'm drawn to the earthy color scheme, so it's no surprise that my brand is headed in that direction too.

I'm all kinds of new to the photography field, so I'm attempting to prepare myself as best I can. My list is long. If you're a photographer (or a camera lover), I'd love to know what accessories you use from camera bag, to editing, to taking photos. What lenses do you love? What kind of camera bag do you have? I'm all ears.

By the way, I'm not partnering with Oliday, I'm just sharing a product I've stumbled upon and love.