Let's Get Back to It... {What We've Been Up To}

We moved in late 2015. And we added a third child to our family in early 2016, a beautiful leap year baby boy. And we're in the midst of renovating our new home, while juggling three busy kiddos. 

It's a good busy. Here we are now. 

The exterior is very brown and the interior is very beige. But we liked the location and the space. It's a four bedroom, four bathroom, 2-storey home, with a large dining area for our growing extended family (we only had a kitchen eat-in at our former home). However, to say I loved it when we moved in would be an overstatement. In fact, it was just the opposite. The move was physically and emotionally taxing for me and the kids. The kids had to switch schools and I felt so guilty to cause another interruption in their lives. Keep in mind, I was also six months pregnant. That poor handyman.

The first few months felt like I was living in someone else's home, but as we make memories here and change the home's appearance it's becoming more us. Not to mention, we hit the jack pot in terms of thoughtful, helpful, fun neighbors. And the move had to happen at some point and we're glad we did it. This brown house is spacious and perfect for our growing family. 

And here's our little one, Simon, who came into the world February 29, 2016. He adores those big kids, and the feeling is very mutual. 

He's a good sleeper, a good eater, and all around happy little guy. He's been an extraordinary addition to our family. The oldest girl is his second mama. She is so capable, and she's become my reliable assistant in all things. While that middle boy can make him laugh all day long. His unstoppable energy keeps that baby entertained until bedtime. 

Our home is our hub. Our place to rest between school, work, music lessons, sports, church activities, and family outings. And as I did with our former white-siding black-shutter home, I look forward to inviting you in for a close up of the mess of home and life, and how we're working this all out.

Here's our current project, and why we have a trailer of junk in our driveway. The basement. And in our home it's the playroom. Here's how it looked when we moved in. 

The live-in portion of the basement, so excluding the storage space, is divided into three rooms. One large room that spans around 30 feet, and two smaller rooms (one on each side of the stairwell). Those smaller rooms do not have windows, and so we would never use them as a bedroom or office. We've decided to completely open it up. Not to mention, the lighting is random and gloomy, and the popcorn ceilings made the ceiling feel closer. 

We've since sold the wet bar that was situated in the middle of the large room, tore down the ceiling and most of the drywall, increased the size of the footings, and relocated water lines. Today we are calling "beam day" because we're putting in a beam to replace those load bearing walls. So today, the room really opens up. 

It feels so good to be back.