Adoption Timeline

We have a very significant day coming up in our adoption journey.

On September 19th this adoption of our two spirited little ones will be made legal. It will forever be a day that will be etched on our hearts.. with a mix of joy and sorrow, bitter and sweet.. as we consider all the layers that accompany this day.  

It's been almost one year (September 27th) since our 'babies' were placed with us and we never looked back. But I want to take just a moment too. To remember how far we've come, how far God has brought us. To bask in knowing that at times when we were scared, anxious, alone.. we were never alone and He brought us through.   

June 2012 - We decided to respond to the nudging on our hearts to adopt and in faith, we made the call to our local Children's Aid Society. Shortly after, CAS conducted an introductory visit.

August 2012 - We began our home study. A social worker from CAS came to our home and began a report detailing our lives - past and present - and the status of our home. There were several meetings to complete this.

January-March 2013 - We were enrolled and completed PRIDE training (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) which is a requirement before fostering or adopting. We had hoped and planned to complete PRIDE training sooner but the fall class was canceled due to low enrollment.

July 2013 - We waited... and by July we were approved to move forward to adopt or foster with a view to adopt. We were then assigned an adoption worker who would take us through the next phase of matching us to a child(ren). A very exciting time!

August 2013 - Soon after our approval went through, we were introduced to two beautiful children (siblings) at a foster home. We continued to visit in the evenings and get to know the children as best we could. The children also spent time at our home.

September 2013 - We decided that this was a good fit (although, we knew it from the first visit) and the children came to live with us on September 27th (our placement day) under fostering with a view to adopt since CAS did not have crown ward status which is required for an adoption. At this time, I left my work to be at home and began a parental leave. A huge transition and adjustment to say the least!

October 2013 - I attended a 'Transition Group' offered by CAS to meet with other fostering with a view to adopt parents and learn more about the process (ie. trial).

November 2013 - We celebrated our little girl's 5th birthday. This was quite surreal.

December 2013 - We had our first Christmas together and for the first time they learned about the birth of Jesus into the world. Around this time, I also sent the birth parent photographs of the children and a letter sharing all that the children were up to and that we were thinking of them. This letter ended up making an impact that I never could have imagined.

January 2014 - We learned that our case would not be going to trial since there was a relinquishing of parental rights. This news was difficult and surprising as we considered the loss to the children and the birth parents. It was a defining moment in our journey.. we were going to be a family forever. We could put two feet in and make plans for the future.

February 5, 2014 - The children had a goodbye visit with their birth parent and Luke and I, for the first time, could ask questions and speak with them, as we hadn't had access to them before. This was a life giving time and a moment that brought some closure.

May 9, 2014 - We ended the fostering portion and went on 'adoption placement.' More of a formality but a significant one that told us we were closer to adopting.

June 2014 - Our oldest daughter completed Senior Kindergarten with flying colors and we went on our first vacation together to a cottage in Northern Ontario.

July 2014 - We had our first camping experience together which was quite an adventure.

August 2014 (presently) - We are making plans for our youngest's 4th birthday, who eagerly awaits beginning Junior Kindergarten in a few weeks.

September 19, 2014 (future) - Our court day that finalizes our adoption.

This has been our journey that is written on our hearts. Ups and downs, victories and losses. And I'm grateful for it. As each day passes, we're all breathing more steady and thankful for grace and praying for healing, love, and joy.